Conversion Rate Optimization

Looking for Growth Hacking?

Digital Media New York can help you to design, strategize, develop (HTML) and test prep your e-Commerce, shopping, non-profit lead generation, and search revenue website through Conversion Rate Optimization including A/B and multi-variate testing and conversion rate optimization. Our capabilities include:

★ Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO

Test variations against the Control (i.e. your webpage as it is today) – End goal is to create a page that beats the conversion rate of the Control with 95% statistical confidence or greater

A/B/n Testing– an equal split of your audience and test new designs, UX experiences and offers to increase lift, sales and average order value (AOV); typically we test the page’s Layout, Headline, Copy (i.e. text on the page), Offer / Call To Action and Images / Design placement; Best for companies just starting to test and small traffic websites (less than 10K visitors per month)

Multi-Variate Testing– Testing individual elements on your webpage at the same time (e.g. Search Bar, drop down box, size of text input box, etc or text size, color or content); Site visitors are randomly selected to see a combination of all the SwapBox variations, but these segments would always see the same variations during the test. Once enough visitors have seen the test page and these same visitors have converted into leads or customers, we can measure with statistical significance (with 95% confidence or better) which combination gives you the highest conversion, lift, engagement rates; Best for websites with greater than 10K visitors per month and companies that have tested before

Web Analytics – Leveraging your Web Analytics tool to understand what to test, create a testing plan and roadmap and create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) success metrics for each test; Experience with the best Web Analytics tools available today: Adobe Site Catalyst, IBM CoreMetrics, WebTrends Streams, WebTrends On-Premise, Google Analytics, etc.

Strategic Approach To Testing -We will test the big stuff – the needle movers so that we don’t settle for small wins but rather big gainers; we will test the pages with the highest Abandonment Rate closest to the Order Confirmation page first – determine what’s primarily causing customers to bounce; test offers based on overall business goals not just nice new fancy site designs; keep the bigger picture in focus at all times; watch out for testing “noise” (multiple pathways to similar goals) or “events” (factors that can positively or negatively impact a test that are out of your control) – such as catastrophic news events, server outages, javascript errors, etc that can skew test results

Establish Your Value Proposition Online – We will help you differentiate your offer and match your competitor on every dimension of value except one, which is that one element should be what you EXCEL at (e.g. price, service, speed, reliability, etc); help you become the best choice for your optimum customer; help you tell the verifiable truth to your Site Visitors and not exaggerate about who you are and what you offer but rather back it up by credible 3rd parties – e.g., ComScore Marketer, Neilsen Net Ratings, etc.; help you to avoid singing your own praises – let others “talk” about you – social media…quotes like “we’re the best XYZ supplier of ABC widgets for over 10 years” is subjective – not factual!

Your Value Prop should be measured by 3 guiding principles: Appeal, Exclusivity, Credibility

We will help you to always IDENTIFY and EXPRESS your Value Prop to your Site Visitors and not be vague! We can help you express this in 10 words or less! If you can’t, you probably don’t know your own Value Prop!

Desktop/Tablet Testing Software – We are not an Interactive Agency or a Software Vendor; In fact, we are software agnostic. We have experience using or open to using most of the popular Conversion Software available on the market today: Adobe Target, WebTrends Optimize, Optimizely, Oracle Maxymiser, SiteSpect, SiteSpect, Monetate, Wingify / Visual Website Optimizer, Google Optimize,, Overstat and Unbounce.

Native Mobile App Testing Software – Apptimize, Leanplum, Taplytics (iOS only), Tune, Splitforce (now onwed by Localytics), and Swrve.

Analyze Test Results & Recommend Future Tests – We won’t walk away once your test is up and running. We will help you to analyze the test results, make recommendations on what to test next and recommend what to implement on your site right away! We let the data do the talking – not our opinions.

If you need immediate CRO Consultation to help with your Conversion Rate Optimization and Optimize Your Conversion Funnel for your business, Please contact us today!