Programmatic Display Advertising

Digital Media New York can help you create, design and strategically buy banners and display advertising on the top Ad Networks. Our Display Advertising capabilities include:

Web Display Advertising  – CPM / eCPM / CPA / CPL / CPC Media Buying

  • Strategy (4 Steps)  -Set Concrete Objectives, Segment Audiences, Optimize Creative, Review & Improve
  • Programmatic Media Buying  -Automate your ad inventory purchasing on the Ad Exchanges or Stack Adapt as well as on the Facebook Ad Exchange through sophisticated programmatic ad serving and bidding technology
  • Manage Reach & Frequency -Determine the most appropriate audience at the most optimal times. Target users based on behavior, location, demographics and conversion performance.
  • Demographic Targeting – We use Tools such as Adobe Target to target and/or run multi-variate tests to determine the optimal time to run offers and use behavioral targeting when they reach your site
  • Standard Ad Formats / Rich Media – Make use of Rollover ads in standard IAB compliant ad sizes
  • Track “View Throughs” – Whether its Quantcast, Conversant, RocketFuel or Turn, we can assess when users have either clicked directly on your banner or visited the site later based on seeing the banner during a previous visit (this assumes the user hasn’t cleared cookies)
  • Best In-Class Design – We outsource your UX and Design needs to our team of graphic artists, art directors and IA experts to determine your website’s most effective messaging and conversion experience
  • Tracking – Track click-thrus and conversion for all new visitor acquisition, sales, clicks, leads and account creation

If you are in immediate need to improve your Display Advertising Success and Improve Online Media Conversions for your business, please contact us today!