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Does Pay Per Click Advertising Cost Too Much For You?

Digital Media New York can be hired to manage your Paid Search / Pay Per Click – Search Engine Marketing SEM Campaigns for a fraction of the cost of the agencies. Our tactics help improve your click-thru ratio, lead / sales conversion and new account creation on Tier 1 Search Engines (Google and Bing) using the following tactics:

Pay Per Click / SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  • Keyword Research  – Bidding on the most relevant terms or phrases related to your business
  • Ad Groups & Campaigns – Segmenting your keywords into Ad Groups and Campaigns by genre, branded, locations, accessories or competitive terms
  • PPC Ad Copy Testing – Through our tools, we offer the best A/B PPC Ad Copy testing on the market today including the Headline and the Call to Action
  • Localization – Do you have too many markets? Or perhaps very targeted locations? Can’t seem to target them correctly? Lets us help!
  • Call Extensions & Call Tracking – Get great results by driving Customers to the phone! Track customers using Dialog Tech’s call tracking technology
  • Dynamic Insertion – Placing the keyword a user types into a search engine directly into the ad
  • PPC Bid Automation – Do have thousands of keywords? Can’t seem to manage them all manually? Then let us automate your keywords using the latest tools: Kenshoo, Marin Software, Optimine, Acquisio, WordStream, Kentico
  • Negative Keywords – Suppressing your ad when certain keywords not related to your business (such as competitor names) are searched
  • Copywriting -Improving the copy of your and landing page to help improve click-thrus and conversions
  • Landing Page Optimization – Improving landing page design and relevancy score against ad copy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – A/B & Multi-Variate Testing – Improving conversion through a series of tests and web analytics by changing the offer on the landing page by the 4 Ps of Marketing: price, position, placement and promotion.

If you are in immediate need to improve your PPC Search Engine Marketing Performance, Conversions and Keyword Rankings for your business, please contact us today!